June 9, 2014

An Art Workshop or Art Retreat?

I am right now (June 9, 2014) at the Frankfurt airport and have a few minutes to write this post. In a few days, we will be a group of 10 artists from both hemispheres, painting the landscape in the middle of Tuscany.

I thought that for the next 10 days I would have been repeating the following:

  • Be holistic; from the very first moment you start to paint, think of the final shapes of the painting (a suggestion by Corot… art history is indeed important).
  • Make peace with what you see in front of you.

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Risk-taker or not, everyone is welcome to our painting workshops in Italy
February 14, 2014

You the Mannerist during our art workshop in Tuscany!

Attending one of our painting workshops in Tuscany or Provence, is being a member of a wild bunch!  We are not going to rob the Banca de Toscana, like the aging group of outlaws of the notorious 1969 movie The Wild bunch, but we will paint with a Mannerist’s philosophy. But who were the Mannerists? click here for the rest…

Painting workshops in Italy and Provence 2014
January 16, 2014

Taking registration, one place left for 2014; taking registration for 2015… time flies!

Please hurry-up!  Sorry… our June workshop is full! As and October 2014 (1 place left) registrations for our painting workshops in Italy and Provence. Hurry up.  Looking forward to meeting you.

American friends, the price is in Canadian dollars, a deal! Ozzie friends, our dollars are nearly at par! Visit our other site for much more information!

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Studio Italia 2013 another great success!
November 8, 2013
Art painting workshop Tuscany, Italy

Carol painting

Our past October painting workshop in Tuscany, Italy !

What a great painting workshop we went through again this Fall. Great people, great food, overall a great experience. What follows are four of the many recently received testimonials summarizing our last painting workshop in Italy.

“Walk the Arts under-promises and over-delivers. The totality of the experience embraces intellectual rigour from Yves’ deep knowledge of art theory and history together with his teaching style; the interaction of many minds in the painting group – their personalities and their personal and philosophical views of life; the harmony of a medieval farm nestled into many acres of broad vistas, painting these scenes with opera arias floating and melding with the Tuscan sun. The gourmet food provided by Yves’ partner, Mónica, and accompanied  with Italian wine and great conversation over candlelit dinners; visiting hilltop towns offering cathedrals with 13th century art and Yves’ deepening of our understanding of this art.  This entire ‘package’ cannot be captured effectively with the statement ‘Walk the Arts’. It is an enriching and peak experience for anyone joining Yves and Monica in Tuscany. “ (Barbara Cail AO)

One of the best holidays and learning experiences I have had in my life. A thought provoking, reflective, and inspirational short time that I would dearly love to repeat.” (S. Scanlan, Sidney, Australia, Studio Italia 2013).

Every day opened my heart and soul to a new and innovative art experience. The country environment added to the Italian experience provided by our hosts, the locations for plein air were endless, the instruction encouraged us to be free and express our true selves and the lectures were inspiring. (N. Hinshaw, Stonington, CT, U.S.A. Studio Italia 2013).

I came to Italy from Australia to paint – with a few tubes of paint and mixed expectations. I spent 10 magic days in the heart of the Tuscany and couldn’t recommend the experience highly enough. Not only was the tuition excellent, but the food and wine we were served each day was sublime. Our afternoon explorations to hill towns to both draw and sip “prosecco” and our full day trips to Florence and Assisi enhanced our artistic experience. (P. Wise, Sydney, Australia, Studio Italia 2013)

We are currently taking June (4 places left) and October 2014 (2 places left) registration. Hurry up.  Looking forward to meeting you. Read more > Testimonials

Our art workshops in Tuscany
June 9, 2013

Studio Italia, one of our art workshops in Tuscany

Unfortunately, our art workshops in Tuscany  is full.  Please register to secure your place for 2014. You may visit our other site for more details.

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Art courses Italy France Colombia
June 6, 2013

Here the site on our art classes, our art courses Italy France Colombia! We are currently updating our Walk the Arts Web site.

Art workshops in South America
June 4, 2013

Studio Colombia Perspective Drawing Workshop

Read below what they have said on our first edition of Studio Colombia, an art workshops South America!

Studio Colombia is so much more than a perspective painting workshop … although I’ll never look at a horizon line in quite the same way again! As a first-time visitor to Colombia, I was blown away by the colour, culture and beauty of the country and its people… As at any of their workshops, we laughed and we learned, we sampled the local spirits and grappled with the meaning of life (usually in that order), and we feasted on the local delicacies. (Halina Gasewicz, Ottawa, 2013)

Through it’s excursions, Studio Colombia is far more than art and touring. This is a trip that challenges one to stretch, to connect with one’s own Being, whether artist or not, yet as well, it offers skill learning on an applied and practical level in a very collegial way. (Gerry Giuliani, Ottawa, 2013)

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Italian cooking
January 31, 2013

Our Italian cooking during Studio Italia

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