Painting Workshops Canada

August 2018 (18 – 22 in the tent)

This year, our eight canoe painting workshop, in commemoration of the Canadian Group of Seven, (the Canadian “macchiaolis”) is different as it offers more comfort and more safety. More staff is also involved so you may dedicated fully your time to painting.  Instead of canoeing the dangerous waters of Lake Huron, a tug boat will tow our canoes and kayaks in the peaceful waters of an inlet, where vast expanses of waters and hundreds of islands are waiting to be painted.

This workshop lasts 4 days; 4 nights on an island; first and last night in a hotel.  It begins at 8:00 a.m. on the Brit provincial dock. After being hauled to a very large island (including one canoe), where we will establish camp, you will walk and get accounted to the vast Canadian space.  The many inspirational sites will undoubtedly motivate a prompt beginning to creation and painting. You are expected to do at least three paintings a day because of the fleeting northern August light. The water is clean and green recalling the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. Large pine trees, red rocks, bright orange lichens, beautiful sunrises and sunsets are only a few of your future compositions.

Early mornings with your coffee you will start painting.  Around noon, a light lunch will be served. Back to art making (or exploration) for the whole afternoon. Supper will be served after the multicolored sunset followed by our usual art discussion around a fire.  If you want to paint the Big Dipper, why not!  You should return home with a minimum of nine paintings, enough for a small exhibit.

Meals, canoeing, camping are all communal efforts. One “gofer-cook” will be on location for the daily chores. Meals will be substantial, with wine every night.

Brit, Spanish or Key River will be one of our ports of call. Brit and Key River are located 3.5 hours north of Toronto, 1 hour South of Sudbury, 5,5 hours East of Ottawa on Georgian Bay. As for Spanish, it is located on the North Shore of Lake Huron, a bit further but as beautiful.

The Cost
C$1200 (Brit) C$990 (Spanish)
Price includes; transportation by boat from Brit/Spanish to our site and return; one night motel accommodation, all meals during the workshop; art instruction.

The price does not include: camping gear (tent and sleeping bag); personal snacks, art material.  For those interested in safe canoeing and kayaking, you may bring or rent your own vessel that we will haul to our site. If you are interested in renting any type of gear or equipment, we will provide with the necessary information.