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Studio Colombia

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Teaching perspective in Cartagena with iPad hooked on projector; then exercices in the city.

Ten-day workshop, perspective drawing, Caribbean, Colombia, South America.

Around February 13 – 23, 2019 A ten-day workshop in perspective drawing in the Caribbean, Colombia in South America.  The aim of Studio Colombia, a meaningful painting or drawing holiday in the Caribbean, is to provide artists with solid notions of perspective drawing for the improvement of their landscape paintings. In this art course, a series of exercises and problems will sharpen the visual perception of various drawing components. Horizon line, vanishing points, the reality, the virtual, proportions, all these notions part will be seen in our art class.  Participants will apply these principles to paintings in the medium of their choice. Studio Colombia is also suitable to lovers or art, photography; and college art students working on their own art personal projects. The Location and Itinerary On Day 1 we will pick up everyone at the Aeropuerto Ernesto Cortissoz in Barranquilla. We will then head to our sea front cabana type hotel in Puerto Colombia (15 kms from Barranquilla) where we will spent our first three nights and learn the basic principles of perspective drawing. On Day 4, our private mini-bus will take us to the beautiful city of Cartagena (two-hour ride). We will stay four nights at a picturesque colonial bed and breakfast located in the heart of the historic old town in Cartagena. We will paint among others at the Convento de la Popa and the Castillo San Felipe. Beautiful vistas will help you to understand the more complicated concepts of perspective drawing. On Day 8 we will head to Santa Marta (four-hour drive) where we will paint the landscape in watercolor among others, views of the Sierra Nevada. We will stay two nights at a hotel one block from the beaches of El Rodadero, a resort area located ten minutes from Santa Marta. On day 10 we will head to Barranquilla (1.5 hour drive) where we will spend our last night at a hotel in the Alto Prado. We will take the opportunity to visit the Museo del Atlántico and main sites such as the Cathedral Maria Reina and the Plaza San Nicolás. On Day 11 we will bring everyone back to the airport. Information on price and what it includes, please click here for more information or simply call (800) 611-4789. We like chatting with real persons.